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Ecoaction is a civil society organization that unites efforts of experts and activists in a joint struggle to protect the environment. They advocate for energy efficiency, renewable energy, countering climate change, clean air for all and sustainable development of transport and agriculture in Ukraine.

Why we support Ecoaction:

Intensive agriculture and especially, industrial stockbreeding, causes a vast amount of ecological damage and contribute massively to global climate change. Ecoaction is advocating for sustainable and ecological agricultural production through the implementation of modern standards, norms and technologies.

They suggest that one of the basic principles of the green post-war reconstruction should be sustainable and decentralized agri-food systems to ensure sustainable economic and community development.

  • Project: Agriculture
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Funding period: 2024
  • Funding amount: 25,000 Euro


The organization Pracownia (“Association Workshop for All Beings”) fights for the protection of Polish forests. It supports and connects local civil society organizations and citizens who are campaigning against deforestation in Poland’s remaining primeval forest areas. The organization advocates for the introduction of far-reaching and binding legal protection mechanisms.

Why we support Pracownia:

Large parts of Poland’s forests, including primeval forest and protected forest areas, are threatened by deforestation. Poland is thereby violating current EU legislation on the protection of biodiversity and forest use. Pracownia uses EU legislation as leverage for change at the national level and works with local initiatives to develop legislative proposals for long-term, sustainable protection of Poland’s forests.

We fund Pracownia in 2021.

  • Project: Forest protection
  • Country: Poland
  • Funding period: 2024
  • Funding amount: 40,000 Euro


The Institute for Independent Impact Assessment of Biotechnology, which is part of the Munich-based organisation Testbiotech, promotes independent research and social debate on the effects of biotechnology. The Institute focuses on the environmental, social and ethical impacts of new biotechnologies, particularly those associated with the use of genetic engineering in agriculture.

Why we support Testbiotech

What are the consequences of genetic engineering for humans and the environment?Testbiotech shares information on the risks associated with these technologies from a critical perspective. The Institute provides scientific expertise that is completely independent of the biotech industry to help strengthen the decision-making capacity of politicians and society.

We have been supporting Testbiotech since 2012.

  • Project: Biotechnology
  • Country: Germany
  • Funding period: 2022-2024
  • Funding amount: 60,000 Euro

World Rainforest Movement

The World Rainforest Movement (WRM), based in Montevideo, Uruguay, is an international network of environmental organisations, social movements and NGOs that support small farmers and indigenous peoples. The WRM works worldwide to protect rainforests for the traditional forest dwellers who rely on them for their livelihood and to defend the rights of these groups in opposition to destructive projects.

Why we support the World Rainforest Movement (WRM)

Forests and the biodiversity they contain must be preserved. The WRM facilitates the networking among local communities and indigenous peoples committed to protecting the forests that are closely connected to their identity, culture and way of life. Their rights are routinely violated when forests are destroyed by industrial logging and mining, converted to monoculture plantations, cattle pastures or flooded for large hydro reservoirs while the designation of forests as protected areas or carbon stores often disregards local land and use rights and prohibits traditional forest use. 

We have been supporting World Rainforest Movement since 2015.

  • Project: Land utilization
  • Country: Uruguay
  • Funding period: 2022
  • Funding amount: 20,000 Euro