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Olin gGmbH is a funding organisation for environmental protection and conservation. It supports environmental and sociopolitical organisations.

Our Earth is in a fragile state. It is no longer possible to ignore the signs of an approaching climate catastrophe. The impact of extreme climate events, such as severe storms, melting glaciers and ice caps, sea level rise and prolonged droughts, is escalating around the world. Some of the effects of climate change are already irreversible, and we are locked into even worse impacts in the near term.

All of these developments are easily observable, universally acknowledged and supported by scientific evidence. Nevertheless, our political and business leaders are still shying away from the radical measures that are urgently needed to tackle climate change.

This is why civil society is playing an increasingly important role: it is largely thanks to the efforts and demands of active citizens that positive changes can be seen in at least a few areas. And it is this civil society and its organisations that Olin gGmbH strives to support.

The non-profit company Olin gemeinnützige GmbH is working to ensure that the corporations whose business models are responsible for climate change and environmental destruction pay for the damage.

This is why we support

  • nature conservation organisations that protect, preserve and develop valuable habitats for humans and animals, and raise awareness of their importance.
  • environmental organisations that take political action against the causes of environmental destruction and climate change.
  • organisations that fight for sociopolitical change, advancing the causes of environmental and climate protection.

We also support the funded organisations in the planning and development of their activities.

Olin gGmbH was founded in 2012 by Alexander Szlovák. Its funds come from a foundation that he established specifically for this purpose.

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