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Olin gGmbH is a funding organisation for environmental protection and conservation. It supports environmental and sociopolitical organisations.

Climate change and environmental destruction are advancing at an unprecedented rate. We must act now to keep the negative consequences for humans and nature within tolerable limits. The non-profit company Olin gemeinnützige GmbH works to ensure that future generations will be able to live on a planet with a healthy environment and that the companies whose business models are responsible for climate change and environmental destruction pay for the damage they cause.

This is why we support

  • nature conservation organisations that protect, preserve and develop valuable habitats for humans and animals, and raise awareness of their importance.
  • environmental organisations that take political action against the causes of environmental destruction and climate change.
  • organisations that fight for sociopolitical change, advancing the causes of environmental and climate protection.

We also support the funded organisations in the planning and development of their activities.

Olin gGmbH was founded in 2012 by Alexander Szlovák. Its funds come from a foundation that he established specifically for this purpose.

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